Location – Tokyo World Festival


Eastville Park
Please ensure when arriving at Eastville Park to respect the park, park users and the wildlife within the park. Street drinking is prohibited on all nearby streets to the Festival Site, please do not bring alcohol to the area around or inside of the park as alcohol will be on sale across the Festival Site as well as a selection of non-alcoholic drinks and waters.

When leaving, please remember that the houses that surround the park are filled with elderly people, young professionals and families with children, make sure to bear this in mind en-route to and while exiting the festival and behave in a quiet and respectful way!

There will be toilets both inside and outside the arena including next to the entry queue and within the grounds of Eastville Park. Please ensure that you use these should you need to go to the toilet prior to entering the arena.

Drinks & Waste
Please do not bring any glass, plastic or metal to the nearby area or festival location and ensure that any waste is disposed of in one of our bins outside and inside of the arena space.

No food, opened or unopened bottles of beverages, including unopened water, will be allowed through the festival gates. These conditions are set and enforced by the local licensing authority and are a legal obligation as part of our licence conditions.

There will be free tap water available from the water point which will be located next to the Welfare, Medical and Information point. There will also be ice-cold canned sparkling and still mineral water with a resealable top on sale across the site and at all trader pitches.