Tokyo World 2018 Line-Up

Vulkano Stage

It goes without saying that the Vulkano Stage is a cornerstone of Tokyo World. This Stage, the first ever designed for Tokyo World, presides over the festival with outbursts of fire, volcanic eruptions, and exquisite projections.

The Vulkano Stage breathes the elegant extravagance and action-filled style typical of Tokyo World, all tailored to produce the right ambience for our Main Headline Artists: Action Bronson on Saturday, and Sister Sledge Live on Sunday.

This year will see our finest delivery of spectacular pyrotechnics and prove to be a sight to behold, both during the day and night.


Hedonism is the home of all things house and techno at Tokyo World.

This year, the Hedonism Stage will expand in size and move to a more central position, where both veterans and the next generation of house music fans will find their happiness amongst the special vibes that are always found in this particular area.

The Hedonism Stage will host the sounds of Heidi, Erick Morillo, Kerri Chandler, Steve Lawler, Apollonia and many more.


The World Stage is at the core of the Tokyo World ethos, probably more so than any other area. The combination of extravagant light shows, lasers, fires, dancers and colours proves to be one of the sensations of the festival.

This Stage really doesn’t follow any rules; it prides itself on being a base where innovative and timeless entertainers unite in their dedication to delivering unforgettable performances. It doesn’t matter if you’re a fan of urban, big beat or bassline music: all that matters is the endless amounts of energy generated on the dancefloor.


The Mutiny Stage is the beating heart of Tokyo World. Expect the highest energy levels and immense crowd participation.

Even for those who aren’t really connoisseurs of drum and bass music, you will likely find yourself there at some point during the weekend just for the sheer pleasure of enjoying the sound spun by the key acts headlining the Stage.

With its lasers, fire, pyro, smoke, and projections, the Mutiny Stage really lights up the northern corner of the festival, revealing a feast for the eyes that simply cannot be missed.


New for 2018

This Stage is our newest addition and represents Tokyo World’s typical magic, which happens when both diversity and unity are celebrated at the same time.

It highlights the thrill of exploring live music that takes us on a trip between past, present and future, all while getting to experience subtle hints of nostalgia, euphoria and excitement.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that this area will have a touch of uniqueness to it, both in terms of crowd demographic and exhilarating vibes.

Tokyo World 2018 After Party