Local Residents – Tokyo World Festival

Local Residents

For any immediate local residents of Eastville who wish to attend the event, discounted tickets are available. Please apply to contact@tokyoworld.org. These tickets will only be available to local Eastville residents. You will need to provide a valid photo ID and proof of address to qualify for this.

Detailed Festival information will be posted to all local Eastville residents, as well as those outside of the immediate Eastville area, at the start of September 2022. Within this information, you will find a contact telephone number and direct email to our onsite office at Eastville Park. The contact telephone number and email service will be operated from the hours of 12 Midday to 23:00 on the 17th and 18th of September 2022. Both will be specifically for local residents only, both are to be used to raise any concerns regarding noise pollution, litter, anti-social behaviour or matters that you feel had a negative impact on you caused by the festival.

If you have any concerns prior to the festival or would like to contact us after the event about any of the above please email contact@tokyoworld.org

If you use the email or the telephone number during the event, you will be required to give your full name and address. All emails and calls during and after will be recorded and logged, these will then be forwarded to the local authority.

Tokyo World takes this very seriously and we will do our utmost to ensure that we act and respond accordingly to resolve and help with all emails and calls both during and after the event. However, if for any reason when you contact our telephone number on the day of the event, you should find the line is busy then please leave a clear message with your name and telephone number so that our telephone operator can call you right back.