Skrapz – Tokyo World Festival


    Skrapz began his career in the early stages of "horrorcore" in the group 2 Krazy Devils under the name "Krazy", rapping alongside Blaze Ya Dead Homie, known then as "Psycho C". Not much happened with this group and the two eventually went their separate ways. Krazy changed his name to Skrapz and teamed up with The R.O.C. to work on the House of Krazees. Together they recorded The Night They Kame Home (1998). After House of Krazees, the two stayed together and formed HaLFBrEEd. Continuing with a similar style of House of Krazees, the two recorded three albums and then released a greatest hits album. Still together, the two entered into a new genre of "purified hip-hop". They formed Level Jumpers and released two albums(Note: The instrumental of Augment, released on Simply Complex, is remixed and used as the beat to the Dark Lotus track Doornail Dorothy). Since then, Skrapz and The R.O.C. have parted ways and now Skrapz is working solo. His most recent release, was released in 2005.

    "Currently, Skrapz is working on his sophomore solo l.p. still untitled. He promises the same passion and effort that drove his debut release, "The 12 Step Program" to become an overnight classic both locally and Nationwide. The upcoming months are sure to please long-time fans, and new listeners alike." The title of the first single off the new album will be "Tyme".

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