Preditah – Tokyo World Festival


    The name Preditah was officially born in 2005. Producing for local grime MCs in-and-around Birmingham had given him a name. He’d grown up listening to UK Garagewith his brother, C4, but unlike many of his peers, was a self-taught, multi-instrumentalist – Preditah’s musical roots ran deep.

    Deep enough, in fact, for Preditah to soon foray into bassline – a niche, hi-energy strand of club music that was a dominant sound in the North throughout the ‘00s – winning favour with the three gatekeeper DJs of the time; DJ EJ, DJ Apostle and DJ Total. Through sharing tracks with them on MSN Messenger, some of his music made its way onto DJ EJ’s ‘Education’ mix CDs; “If you got a tune on there, people would know your name”, says Preditah. Bassline fans soon became accustomed to his now iconic ‘Pre-di-tah’ producer tag, a short vocal snippet embedded within his tracks to identify them as his own.

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