Halogenix – Tokyo World Festival


    Don’t assume you know everything about Halogenix through just one tune, one EP or one chapter of his career. Every release, collaboration, performance or project reveals a new string to the North London artist’s bow. A new fusion, a new feeling, maybe even a new alias.

    It’s been this way much longer than you might assume, too: Inspired by his father, a French horn player for the London Symphony Orchestra, for Laurence a focused, ambitious career in music was a dead cert. After negotiating classical theory and a variety of instruments and styles, he found his natural sonic habitat at 170BPM. A tempo that gave a wide enough canvas for him to explore, invent, subvert and never feel like he’s treading old ground. Signs of his respected stature were almost instantly evident as within months of releasing beats in 2011, he appeared on Noisia’s respected experimental imprint Invisible with ‘Askari’.

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